Birgit Knorr Receives the Prestigious Golden Poppy Award


The Golden Poppy Award recognizes outstanding individuals, corporations, and organizations for their contributions of leadership, time, and/or financial resources to protecting and enhancing state parks and the California environment. One of this year's honorees is Birgit Knorr an active member of the Botany Society. 

Here are the comments about her award from the Volunteers Gala: "Birgit Knorr has dedicated so much to the Botany projects of the park, continued in effective leadership of the Botany Society, and has shown relentless passion and support in all her projects and presentations. She has spent countless hours documenting Mason Valley Cholla, the herbarium database, contributions for the cabinets, and recent work in Canebrake on tamarisk leading a community effort to export the efforts of the park into private land. Her dedication has spanned many changes of the Society and program. She continues to serve on the Steering Committee meeting as a seasoned and knowledgeable contributor. Her work continues this season in guiding weekly plant science discussions in Botany Study group and providing valuable input for the Certification Course planning."