Birgit Knorr Is Recognized for Her Botany Work

Cylindropuntia fosbergii

Cylindropuntia fosbergii

Birgit Knorr, a stellar active member of the Botany Society, was highlighted in a recent Observation of the Month by the San Diego Natural History Museum. 

Birgit has contributed over 200 observations of the elusive Mason Valley Cholla (Cylindropuntia fosbergii) using the digital application iNat on her smartphone.. Her observations constitute nearly half of all 450 observations of Mason Valley Cholla in San Diego County on iNat.

Birgit's observations, and others, help to refine the extent of the range of this narrow endemic which is on the California Native Plant Society Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants. As she has stated that she is "fascinated by Cylindropuntia fosbergii and wanted to map its range."

Huzzah Birgit!

This link will take you to Birgit's "observation of the month." 
Information courtesy of Millie Basden