New Slate of Officers to Lead the Botany Society

The Botany Society Steering Committee held its final meeting of the year and selected the officers and Steering Committee members for the 2017-18 year:

  • Don Rideout, President
  • Mike Strandberg, Vice-President 
  • Arie Korporaal, Treasurer
  • Laura Webb, Secretary
  • Marilyn Dickson, Steering Committee Member
  • Kathy  Bussey, Steering Committee Member
  • Birgit Knorr, Steering Committee Member
  • Paul Larson, Steering Committee Member

Don agreed to serve as President if he could serve as a co-president with Mike Strandberg who coordinates the Botany Study Group. The Steering Committee "elected" Mike to the Vice Presidency even though the Society doesn't have a Vice President. It is understood that Don and Mike will Co-chair the Botany Society for the 2017-18 season. 

Don thanked all officer and members Steering Committee Members for their commitment to the Botany Society. The Botany Society is set to have another productive season. Thanks to all Steering Committee members for volunteering to serve on the committee.