The "Superbloom" is over ... mostly

After a wildflower boom, helices of which hadn't been seen in more than a decade, Borrego Springs is beginning to catch it's breath. For three or four weeks in March the crowds of wildflower seekers came and didn't let up. Food establishments ran out of food, one gas station pumped all the gas it had, and the town's restrooms couldn't handle the crowds until portable toilets were brought in.

And still they came …

While the vast fields of flowers have gone, good blooms still remain in the local canyons and higher elevations. Particularly good is the variety and quantity of flowers in Plum Canyon and Mine Wash. Mine Wash is accessible about 1/2-mile up the wash by 2-wheel drive cars. Two-wheel drive cars can drive up to the end of Plum Canyon at the start of the California hiking and Riding Trail.