Another Successful Botany Society Fall Festival

Phacelia crenulata

Phacelia crenulata

We had another very successful Fall Festival this past weekend. In case you weren't able to be there, here's the overview. You will get the official financial report from the Treasurer (Arie) later. We sold plants that we bought from Green Desert Nursery and plants donated by Living Desert Museum. I was disappointed that some of the plants we wanted were not available from either source. On the other hand, Living Desert gave us some really special items such as Bursera microphylla and yellow-flowered chuparosa. Thirteen people ordered their plants in advance, which really helped me know how many to order. Even so, I should have ordered more! On Friday, Nov. 24 we were set up and ready to go by 8:45 am and there were customers waiting for us to start selling, so we started early. By 10 am we were half sold out, and everything was gone by noon. Our total income from sales was around $1,750. After deducting the cost of plants, sales tax and the honorarium for our speaker, our bottom line net should be around $1,000.

Our speaker, Gordon Pratt, was very informative and entertaining. He discussed numerous butterfly species and the plants that they utilize for both nectar and larval host. It was enlightening to learn that desert butterfly species are doing better than those found on the coastal side of the mountains, because the desert habitat is more intact and less fragmented. It doesn't mean that desert species are free of threats, but overall our invertebrate fauna is in pretty good shape. It turns out that Dr. Pratt may be another source for native plants. He propagates many of them at his home in Anza and has his own small plant sale every year. Thanks Dr. Pratt!

THANKS - my appreciation goes out to everyone who helped with this year's festival, namely: 

Members - Joann and Dick Ingwall, MIke Strandberg, Karin Vickers, Mary Olson, Martha Ellul, Mary Jo Churchwell, Holly Barnes, Arie Korporaal, and Toni Alexander (it's great to have her back). Special thanks to Laura Webb for handling all the publicity for the event.

Park Staff - Regina Reiter, Abby Barker, Larry Hendrickson and Norb Rumke (for waiving the day use fee for our event)

ABF Staff- - Sara Husby, Briana Puzo and Nicki Moore, all of whom were simply great to work with.

If you have comments about this year's Fall Festival or suggestions for next year, please let me know.

Don Rideout