March Newsletter Has Been Posted

The ABDSP BOTANY SOCIETY NEWSLETTER for March 2016 has been published. This issue includes a message from the Botany Society co-presidents, the March Botany Society and Certification Course schedule, a book report on Field Guide to Manzanitas; California, North America and Mexico reviewed by Marilyn Dickson, and report on a collection of news articles about happenings at the San Diego Natural History Museum by Don Rideout.

You can download the latest issue to your computer and read it on screen or print it out and read a hardcopy version. In addition, all Botany Society newsletters are published electronically on the ezine (electronic magazine) Web site Issuu. By clicking on the link you can go directly to an index of all Botany Society newsletters and other documents. The newsletters can then be read in a professional magazine-like format.

Publishing on Issuu gives the Botany Society the ability to publish instantly and makes the newsletters available to any reader worldwide. Coincidentally, the Anza Borrego Foundation also publishes its newsletters on Issuu as well. Lastly, there are other publications focusing on botany on the site such as the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens in Claremont, California. Check it out.

Don and Shiela Rideout, editors, remind all members that their contributions to the newsletter are welcomed. You can email news briefs, blurbs, bits, and blog writings directly to Don