New Slate of Officers for The Botany Society

Outgoing President, Kate Harper, has announced new Steering Committee officers and members for the 2015-2016 year:

  • Julie Taylor and Joanne Ingwall, Co-Presidents
  • Arie Korporaal, Treasurer
  • Marilyn Dickson, Secretary
  • Don Rideout, Steering Committee Member
  • Kathy  Bussey, Steering Committee Member
  • Kate Harper, Past President and Steering Committee Member

Kate thanked outgoing Steering Committee Members for their contributions to the Botany Society:

  • Jary Riolo, Outgoing Secretary
  • Paul Larson, Outgoing Steering Committee member
  • John Strong, Outgoing Steering Committee member

Awesome! The Botany Society is set to have another productive season. Thanks to all Steering Committee members for volunteering to serve on the committee.