More than 600 Swainsons Hawks Descend on Borrego Valley

Today only 145 Swainson's left the valley. However we watched several hawks coming in after 3 PM and then around 5 PM more than 500 Swainson's Hawks dropped in. The totals might exceed 600.

The problem again is that they are roosting far to the east. Now they are located near the dump road off of S-22 and a line of Tamarisk trees to the east.

Be patient as the hawks will probably lift-off late. Today the hawks left between 9:30-11A. Tomorrow with calm to light wind many will probably remain again.

You might want to check in at the Borrego Valley Hawkwatch web site to find the best vantage place to view the hawks. The main site is located on DiGiorgio Road 2.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive. 

Keep Watching,
Hal Cohen via Karyn Sauber