Wildflowers are everywhere!

Gentle rains over the past 5 months and recent warm temperatures are creating fields of flowers in Borrego Springs!

  • Drive along DiGorgio to the road's end. Along the way in the fields on the west side of the road patches of sand verbena are sporting pink blossoms with stems spreading across the sand promising more blooms to come.
  • This is the year of brown-eyed primrose. They have a tall stem--about 6 " with an umbel of creamy flowers with a brown center.  Henderson Canyon is the best place to see them. 

  • The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor Center garden is blanketed with desert dandelion. Such a happy little lemon yellow flower it follows the direction of the sun.

  • At the end of DiGorgio Road look for desert lilies shooting up their white blossoms.  Very aromatic!

  • Take a drive east on Henderson Road, park along the roadside and walk north. Try not to step on the flowers! Tall yellow desert sunflowers have hairy leaves that are soft to touch. Look for dune evening primrose with its rosette leaves splayed out along the sand and its four- petaled white bloom. 

Go out in the morning when the air is fresh and the flowers are perky!

--Karyn Sauber. Used with permission