Desert floor in full bloom

This report from Tom Chester ( was posted on February 20 and is posted on his website. Used with permission.

"Believe it or not, the Borrego Desert floor went from having very few 
blooms on 5 February 2015, to being in full bloom on 20 February 2015, just  15 days later. The number of plants in bloom (counting a max of 99 plants  for each species), went from 334 plants of 29 species on 2/5/15 to 3206  plants of 79 species on 2/20/15!

"In fact, the number of plants recorded in bloom on 20 February 2015 is the highest we've ever recorded at this time of year. This is not necessarily a good thing, since it may mean the bloom won't last very long this year, as  the plants try to reproduce before they run out of water.

"I've updated the Borrego Desert blooms page with the results of our 2/20/15 trip, including two pictures from the Visitor Center area, and a list of all the species observed in bloom in a walk around the Visitor Center area, and then toward Flatcat and Hellhole Canyon.

tom chester